Mirador’s Jessica Milton Featured in DNAInfo on Mass Transit Issues Affecting Real Estate

With the L train shutdown on the horizon, brokers are finding it more difficult to rent apartments in the Brooklyn area. Mirador Real Estate broker Jessica Milton says “A lot of people have been concerned and reluctant to move off of the L train,” To make up for this, landlords have to compensate by giving a free month’s rent or accepting renters with credit issues.

Residents are also looking at alternatives to NYC, In Jessica’s experience. “I have a few artist friends who are giving up and moving out of the city and can’t handle it anymore. They’re going upstate. A lot of people are looking at Kingston because they have artist-subsidized lofts up there,” she says.

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Immigration Uncertainties Impact Real Estate, Mirador Real Estate’s Paul Magyar Comments in DNAinfo

Foreign investors have been a significant part of New York City’s real estate market in recent years, but Donald Trump’s immigration policies are beginning to change that. DNAinfo reports that international buyers are becoming hesitant to purchase property because they’re uncertain they, or their family members, can attain the necessary visas to enter and live in the United States.

In the article, real estate expert Jonathan Miller estimates that foreign buyers “make up between 15 percent of the market, as a baseline — and as high as 85 percent of the buyers in certain new developments around ‘Billionaire’s Row’ in Midtown,” numbers that could fall as the Trump administration attempts to lower immigration. In addition to the controversial travel ban, the administration has sought to limit H-1B visas, which are intended for highly skilled foreign workers.

The story is illustrated with a number of anecdotes, one from Mirador Real Estate’s Paul Magyar, who explains that a New York University student from China recently had to back out of a deal for a three-bedroom in the East Village due to visa issues. Read the article here.


Mirador Featured in DNAinfo about New York Becoming Dog Friend

Apartment hunting in New York can be difficult for dog owners. Many buildings have restrictions on the number and kind of dogs they’ll allow residents to have, and the facilities are rarely accommodating for pooches. Small elevators and bathrooms often mean renters can’t keep large dogs, or more than one, in their homes.
There’s good news for dog lovers, many  buildings across the city are specifically targeting pet owners by lessening restrictions, lowering fees, and offering more space and facilities. As DNAinfo reports, “With the current rental glut, especially in the high-end of the market where prices are slipping and concessions are rising, dog-friendly policies are the latest incentive to lure tenants, experts say.”
One of the experts featured in the article is Mirador Real Estate’s Managing Partner, Karla Saladino. Karla tells DNAinfo, “It used to be maybe one dog was allowed in, and ‘We’re going to weigh it, interview it and analyze it.’ Even a year ago, it was very hard to find something if you had a 40-pound dog or a Lab retriever. It was like, ‘What three buildings can we visit?’ Now it’s 10 buildings.”
The website also spoke with Anna Sankova, an agent for Mirador Real Estate, who relates an anecdote about finding a home in New York for a couple from Boston and their two mini Australian Labradoodles. “We found them an apartment within one weekend while they were visiting,” Anna says. “More landlords, especially in condos, were willing to take two dogs, which was surprising to me. It was not the case before.”
Read the entire article – and see a picture of those adorable Labradoodles – here.

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Mirador’s Associate Broker Jeffrey Hannon Featured in this week’s DNAinfo!

Fire Escapes –Alluring Amenity or Something to be Absolutely Avoided

There’s a quietly quaint charisma surrounding the steel gratings of fire escapes stacked alongside many NYC buildings; becoming somewhat of an iconic feature. Even Hollywood has taken note, showcasing these rusty rails center stage in one of the most revered rom-coms of all time – Pretty Woman. I mean who can forget that final scene where Richard Gere rescues Julia Roberts from the fire escape, bouquet and all!

While we might not be Julia Roberts, we can appreciate the magic attached to that scene, and the attraction of buying or renting a unit featuring our very own fire escape. Not only does it grant extra outdoor space (a hot commodity in Manhattan), it also provides the safety of a quick and easy exit from an apartment in case of a fire. Mirador’s Associate Broker Jeffrey Hannon Featured in this week’s DNAinfo!

Mirador’s Resident In-House Interior Designer Logan Yost Featured in DNAinfo

Logan Shares Expert Tips and Tricks for Getting Your Apartment in Tip Top Shape for Selling

Springtime has officially sprung.  Flowers are in bloom, harsh blizzards are behind us, and landlords and leaseholders are beaming as the rental season is officially booming.

The change of seasons signals a new start for many, providing the perfect opportunity to organize. And what better way to get so fresh and so clean, than by starting off spring by decluttering and deodorizing your space; especially if you are looking to sell! Mirador’s Resident In-House Interior Designer Logan Yost Featured in DNAinfo