Mirador Featured in DNAinfo about New York Becoming Dog Friend

Apartment hunting in New York can be difficult for dog owners. Many buildings have restrictions on the number and kind of dogs they’ll allow residents to have, and the facilities are rarely accommodating for pooches. Small elevators and bathrooms often mean renters can’t keep large dogs, or more than one, in their homes.
There’s good news for dog lovers, many  buildings across the city are specifically targeting pet owners by lessening restrictions, lowering fees, and offering more space and facilities. As DNAinfo reports, “With the current rental glut, especially in the high-end of the market where prices are slipping and concessions are rising, dog-friendly policies are the latest incentive to lure tenants, experts say.”
One of the experts featured in the article is Mirador Real Estate’s Managing Partner, Karla Saladino. Karla tells DNAinfo, “It used to be maybe one dog was allowed in, and ‘We’re going to weigh it, interview it and analyze it.’ Even a year ago, it was very hard to find something if you had a 40-pound dog or a Lab retriever. It was like, ‘What three buildings can we visit?’ Now it’s 10 buildings.”
The website also spoke with Anna Sankova, an agent for Mirador Real Estate, who relates an anecdote about finding a home in New York for a couple from Boston and their two mini Australian Labradoodles. “We found them an apartment within one weekend while they were visiting,” Anna says. “More landlords, especially in condos, were willing to take two dogs, which was surprising to me. It was not the case before.”
Read the entire article – and see a picture of those adorable Labradoodles – here.

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New York’s Mirador Real Estate Forges Strategic Alliance with New Jersey’s ERA Justin Realty Co.

Mirador Real Estate is proud to announce our new strategic alliance with ERA Justin Realty Co., a residential brokerage that operates across the entire Northern New Jersey area. This partnership will allow us to expand our reach into the New Jersey markets, while we in turn will work with ERA Justin Realty Co. to enable their expansion into New York. Our firms will share resources, marketing strategies, and outreach to better serve clients who have a foot in both states and help them find the best real estate opportunities wherever they need.

Jennifer Darby Metzger, owner of ERA Justin Realty Co, said, “It is unusual to find a partnership with a similar vision and set of values, but that is how we felt with Mirador Real Estate, and we are happy to be aligning ourselves with them to provide additional resources for our crossover clients.”

Mirador Real Estate’s managing partner, Karla Saladino, agreed, saying, “I’m approached often about forming alliances, but often they wouldn’t be an appropriate fit for our team. When I met Jennifer, I knew this alliance was exactly the right match I had been looking for in New Jersey.”

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The Real Deal Checks in With Mirador’s Managing Partner Karla Saladino on the Over Saturation of New Development in Manhattan’s Condo Market.

Karla Saladino on the Current Manhattan Market

The Real Deal reports that the mid- and high-level Manhattan real estate markets – those units priced $5 million and above – are becoming increasingly favorable to buyers. The price-per-foot has actually lowered for properties $10 million and up, and there are signs the decreasing prices will reach the mid-level market. On the other hand, prices for entry level units – those $2 million or less – remain high, with buyers still likely to pay more than the asking price.

To discover the reasons for these opposite trends, The Real Deal spoke with Mirador Real Estate’s managing director, Karla Saladino:

Overall, the median sale price in Manhattan was $1.1 million during the second quarter, up about 13 percent year-over-year from $980,000, according to real estate appraisal firm Miller Samuel.

Karla Saladino, managing partner of Mirador Real Estate, said that jump was a byproduct of an oversupply of new development units across most price points — with the exception of the entry level.

“You can’t dump thousands of units onto a marketplace in a three-year period and not expect the market to correct or flatten out because of it,” she said.

Saladino also noted that some buyers who can afford apartments in the $5- to $10-million range simply don’t want to be saddled with such a large asset. As a result, they trade a tax deduction for flexibility and rent an apartment for $10,000 to $15,000 a month instead. “Young entrepreneurs value freedom of everything. So purchasing a home and leveraging yourself doesn’t appeal to them,” she said.

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Mirador Real Estate Announces the Opening of its Newest Office

Mirador Real Estate is proud to announce the opening of our newest office location, the fifth since our first opened just three years ago. The new office is located at 16 East 12th Street in Manhattan and will specialize in sales. Its 1900 sq. ft. bi-level space was gut renovated and completely re-imagined by our in-house interior designer, Logan Yost, who created an open, energetic, and vibrant forum that includes a lounge area and wet bar.
Karla Saladino, co-founder of Mirador Real Estate, explains, “Because we had a demand for more seller side representation, we decided to roll out an environment where we can cater to our sellers and buyers. We had explosive growth these last two years, but I held back on taking on many larger sale side rep projects until we were ready. We are now excited about going full-steam ahead in the sales arena.”
Read the full-length announcement at citybizlist.

Mirador Cited in Nestio’s Observer Interview on Empathy and Building a Business

One of the tools we are proud to use is Nestio, a cloud-based software platform that helps us manage our listings so we can connect renters with open apartments more quickly and efficiently. Mirador Real Estate was one of the first clients of Nestio, adopting it in its earliest stages and providing feedback to the developers as they continued to refine it. Nestio founder Caren Maio describes this development process in an article about empathy and its importance to building and growing any business. Empathy is a cornerstone of our own organization, and we couldn’t agree with her more.

Caren Maio: “It’s all well and good to solve people’s problems. But businesses also exist to make money. What I’ve found most eye-opening of all, however, is how often these two things go hand-in-hand. Care for customers, first and foremost, and growth and profit follow.  Partly this is human nature. When you’re constantly talking with your customers and gathering feedback, you’re also cultivating rapport and confidence. This builds the kind of deep relationships that endure even when things don’t go exactly as planned. At the highest level, empathy actually reciprocates empathy. Your customers become your champions: rooting for you as your product evolves and improves.

An example: One of my earliest customers was Mirador Real Estate, a prominent residential brokerage in New York. Their managing partner, Karla Saladino, offered some of the most incisive and honest feedback about our initial iterations. Today, she’s a good friend and also one of our fiercest advocates. I’ve seen this sense of ownership from customers time and time again. They happily refer us to other clients, help us with promo videos and even do reference calls.  Without empathy, it’s hard to imagine this kind of dynamic.”

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Mirador’s Managing Partner Karla Saladino featured in this week’s Observer

Our Founder and Managing Partner Karla Saladino Weighs In on Current Rental Market Costs

The Observer recently asked Mirador Real Estate’s managing partner, Karla Saladino, for her expertise, quoting her about the recent decrease in average Manhattan rents. Many landlords, rather than lower rents, are offering more incentives to entice people to sign. Karla explains that in newer buildings, these incentives are offered not to bring in more rent money, but to bolster rent rolls and fulfill promises made to investors:
Karla Saladino, managing partner with Mirador Real Estate, suggested, however, that outside of a few neighborhoods like Midtown West and Long Island City that have seen a surge of inventory in recent years, landlords are more often using incentives less out of strict necessity than a desire to goose their buildings’ values.

“We are seeing more concessions because the landlords want to hit certain rent rolls, and the secret is out that you can do that with concessions,” she said.

Established landlords with high levels of equity in their building will often cut prices instead of offer incentives, Saladino noted. On the other hand, she said, “In new developments a lot of times [owners] were promising investors certain [rent] levels, so they will incentivize sort of non-stop.”

But wait, who do they think they’re fooling? Surely an investor can do the math and figure out that 12 months at $5,000 isn’t actually $60,000 a year if you’re giving away a month free, right?

“That’s not always disclosed,” Saladino said. “I’ve seen marketing contracts that put incentives into the marketing costs, and sometimes investors look at the marketing costs and don’t realize that’s in there.”

Read the rest of the article here.


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