Karla Saladino Talks L Train Closures in DNAinfo

How an L Train Closure Might Hurt Brooklyn Real Estate

By Amy Zimmer and Gwynne Hogan  | January 28, 2016

BROOKLYN — If the L train’s tunnel connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn shuts down for a prolonged period of time — as is currently being discussed by the MTA — you can expect rents in neighborhoods along the line to dip, brokers said.

The areas hit would include Williamsburg and Bushwick.

But nearby neighborhoods that have easier access to other modes of transit — such as Greenpoint, South Williamsburg and Bedford-Stuyvesant — could see rents rise as would-be L train riders seek alternatives, said Jeffrey Schleider, a Williamsburg resident and founder of Miron Properties.

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Mirador’s Eydie Saleh Warns Against Buying Sans Broker in DNAinfo

House-Hunting Without a Broker: 5 Things to Consider Before Going It Alone

By Amy Zimmer | February 16, 2016

MANHATTAN — Armed with abundant data about apartment listings and open houses from websites like Streeteasy, an increasing number of house hunters — especially first-time buyers — are opting to search alone and skip brokers.

Many believe it can give them a leg up in the process, thinking the sellers’ broker might favor their bid for a higher commission or that the seller could save on the commission if only working with one broker.

Brokers, obviously, disagree, claiming those perceived advantages typically don’t pan out in reality.

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Karla Saladino Featured in DNAinfo on Foreign Investors Impact on New York Markets.

5 Things You Need to Know About How Foreign Buyers Affect Local Real Estate

By Amy Zimmer | January 26, 2016 7:12pm


As world economies and political situations shift, so too do their influence on New York City’s real estate market.

Much has been made of the effect of foreign investors on driving up New York real estate prices, with some local real estate companies specifically soliciting foreign buyers for upcoming projects before soliciting New York residents.

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Mirador’s Karla Saladino on Helping Landlords Fight Off Illegal Airbnb Activity in DNAinfo

Airbnb – regardless of whether you love it or never cared to use it, the fact of the matter is that short-term rentals like the ones listed on the home-sharing site are just not legal in New York City. The transient nature of Airbnb guests in a city as densely populated as this one creates trouble for a plethora of reasons, including health and safety concerns within buildings and neighborhoods. In DNAinfo yesterday, Mirador’s managing partner Karla Saladino discusses her approach to protecting her landlords against the illegal activity of some of their tenants, and stopping the Airbnb problem before it starts. For more, head here.

Mirador’s Karla Saladino in DNA Info. The Boomerang Tenant: Returning to the Apartment You Once Loved

Mirador’s very own “Boomerang Tenant” Karla Saladino was recently featured in DNA Info.

The Boomerang Tenant: Returning to the Apartment You Once Loved by Irene Plagianos illustrates how finding the perfect building, apartment or neighborhood can keep you coming back, eventually, even long after you’ve gone. So what made Karla want to come back to the building where she is now? Take a look here!



Big Furniture, Tiny Spaces. Arianna Rogers of Mirador Interviewed for DNAInfo.com

Photo Courtesy, DNAInfo.com
Photo Courtesy, DNAInfo.com

A common occurrence when it comes to moving in NYC…The never ending saga of purchasing furniture for one space and having to eventually try to fit it into another. Can you bring it? Take a look at this article Big Furniture, Tiny Spaces: The Eternal Struggle by Amy Zimmer of DNAInfo.com! Our wonderful Mirador agent Arianna Rogers is featured in it.