Mirador’s Neeta Mulgaokar Featured in Observer on How Ride Share Apps are Changing Real Estate in NYC

Being on a subway line was once the top priority for those searching for housing in NYC, however, as rideshare apps are becoming more popular, many resident’s apartment preferences are shifting. People are giving up the convenience of being near public transportation in exchange for larger, less expensive apartments thanks to the convenience and low-cost of using ride sharing apps like Uber, Lyft, and more.  
The Observer spoke to Mirador Real Estate Agent, Neeta Mulgaokar, about the new ways New Yorkers are moving around the city, “Ride apps are tying historically far-flung New York neighborhood more tightly to the city’s core and leading some customers to give them a harder look,” she says. “They’ve changed what the word ‘central’ means.” To read more about what Neeta has to say, check out the full article here.

Mirador’s Dr. Lynn Saladino Discusses Serial Mover in the Observer

New York City is a place of movers. People move to it, they move away from it, but what about the people that move all around it? The serial mover, or people that move over and over again all within the span of a few years, is a common characteristic among many New Yorkers. With rising rents, new relationships, broken relationships, expanding families, and more it is no wonder tons of people feel the need to find new homes in and around the City.

The Observer dives deeper into motives behind the serial mover, talking with Mirador Real Estate’s Health and Wellness consultant, Dr. Lynn Saladino. “New apartments often represent a fresh start,” says, Dr. Saladino. “If there is something uncomfortable happening in someone’s life, they likely think a geographic move will help them forget about what was bothering them.” To learn more about serial movers, read the full article here.

Mirador’s Jeffrey Hannon Featured in the Observer: East Harlem Development

With thousands of listings across New York City, Mirador Real Estate’s agents have robust knowledge in the city’s various neighborhoods, including East Harlem, which The Observer recently identified as an area primed for development.
In order to find out why the neighborhood remains relatively inexpensive despite dramatic price increases elsewhere, The Observer spoke with Mirador Real Estate agent Jeffrey Hannon. He notes that East Harlem has a historical disconnect with the Upper East Side, and that its town homes are not as well refurbished. Nonetheless, he predicts “a lot of development” in the future due to the neighborhood’s prices and location. Read the full article here.

Mirador Cited in Nestio’s Observer Interview on Empathy and Building a Business

One of the tools we are proud to use is Nestio, a cloud-based software platform that helps us manage our listings so we can connect renters with open apartments more quickly and efficiently. Mirador Real Estate was one of the first clients of Nestio, adopting it in its earliest stages and providing feedback to the developers as they continued to refine it. Nestio founder Caren Maio describes this development process in an article about empathy and its importance to building and growing any business. Empathy is a cornerstone of our own organization, and we couldn’t agree with her more.

Caren Maio: “It’s all well and good to solve people’s problems. But businesses also exist to make money. What I’ve found most eye-opening of all, however, is how often these two things go hand-in-hand. Care for customers, first and foremost, and growth and profit follow.  Partly this is human nature. When you’re constantly talking with your customers and gathering feedback, you’re also cultivating rapport and confidence. This builds the kind of deep relationships that endure even when things don’t go exactly as planned. At the highest level, empathy actually reciprocates empathy. Your customers become your champions: rooting for you as your product evolves and improves.

An example: One of my earliest customers was Mirador Real Estate, a prominent residential brokerage in New York. Their managing partner, Karla Saladino, offered some of the most incisive and honest feedback about our initial iterations. Today, she’s a good friend and also one of our fiercest advocates. I’ve seen this sense of ownership from customers time and time again. They happily refer us to other clients, help us with promo videos and even do reference calls.  Without empathy, it’s hard to imagine this kind of dynamic.”

Read the rest of the article here.





Mirador’s Managing Partner Karla Saladino featured in Observer


Life is about to get a bit more difficult for commuting Brooklynites and Brooklyn-based brokers alike, if the MTA goes full steam ahead with its potential plans to interrupt the heavily populated L line subway service within the next several years.

Since news of this disconcerting disturbance slipped, many affected L line commuters are left feeling disgruntled, as it not only disrupts their current mode of transportation into Manhattan, but it could displace them out of their neighborhoods, as the attraction of being conveniently located near the L line stations would no longer be an appealing factor.

Mirador’s Managing Partner Karla Saladino featured in Observer

Mirador’s Christine McAndrews featured in this week’s Observer


That seems to be the current trend seen in today’s market, as many real estate professionals are finding that a client’s desire “to light, or not to light,” is just as prevalent a prerequisite as “pets, or no pets,” when it comes to finding that perfect place to Netflix and chill.

Mirador’s Christine McAndrews featured in this week’s Observer

Mirador Agent Jeffrey Hannon Featured in the Observer- The Upside of (Way) Uptown

Mirador Associate Broker, Jeffrey Hannon was featured in an exclusive interview in ” The Upside of (Way) Uptown” by  for The Observer. Jeffrey explains why more NYC residents are looking to move all the way uptown and what positive things these particular neighborhoods have to offer. Read more here: http://observer.com/2015/09/the-upside-of-way-uptown/